Tuesday, 7 February 2017

New collection! And keeping up with the kid/work balance.

I've finished a furnishing fabric and wallpaper collection for my design studio, to start selling this month. In order to get it done and be a mum, I admit to being a pretty slack housewife - I'm so behind there are Christmas decorations still up in my daughter's room! But everyone gets fed and cleaned!

Do you balance a career with family responsibilities? I'd love to know anything that helps you get work done at home with kids?

My top tip is to photo your artwork when you get interrupted by baby waking up or whatever, photo it with your paint and pencils still out the boxes so you can quickly find the colours you were using when you get back to it, as I find I have to put them away to keep them from becoming toys!

Perhaps you have tips for getting work done while self employed!

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