Friday, 30 November 2012

See inside my Textile Design Studio. What does a Textile Designer do? Kirsteen Lyons BA (Hons)

See inside my Textile Design Studio.

 What does a Textile Designer do?

 Kirsteen Lyons BA (Hons) shows you fer fabrics and upcoming printed textile design collection. Sneak a look in a designers studio.

Monday, 6 August 2012

About Kirsteen Lyons BA (Hons)

About Kirsteen Lyons BA (Hons)

Kirsteen Lyons BA (Hons) attended Heriot Watt University where she studied Textile Design and specialised in print. 

At university she won two industrial competitions and was headhunted as a result for her first textiles job. 

She also distinguished herself at University by being one of only a few students in the country to have work exhibited in Glasgow’s flagship “Lighthouse Design Centre.” 

Kirsteen teamed up with Kitty Atkinson MA (Hons) to start their own gallery and pottery studio for some years before successfully selling the business to another potter. She then spent some time on being a mum and running a face-painting business. 

With her daughter starting school Kirsteen returned to work with the launch of "Enchanted Textile Design" creating drawing-led, contemporary textile design. 

She has continued to grow the business and now has a son as well.

 Here is a comment from one of her recent clients: "First and foremost, the prints you sent us are AMAZING! I'm very glad I signed you as an artist, your work is impeccable! I'm happy with what you sent us. Your work is perfect for us."

Tuesday, 26 June 2012