Friday, 20 March 2015

That feeling the first time your art is professionally manufactured!

I have just finished a new collection of 32 designs. They are currently 3% transferred to the printer. I never get over the excitement, not should I, it's really magic to see your artwork professionally made.

I think every designer remembers the first time vividly. I was doing my work placement and MYB a wonderful Scottish lace manufacturer who had run a competition at my university for a week work placement there. As the winning student I was already riding high on success.

After I had been there a couple of days the small design team was all in a busstle of excitement, they bundled me down to the factory floor and stood grinning about a huge chugging machine. Abruptly I realised what they were so excited about the real actual lace appearing from out to the machine was my art!

It had a real professional lace look but also the feel and flavour of my own unique drawing style. Magic! I nearly cried. I think the lovely Margo Graham, (MYB's senior designer) nearly cried too, showing that after all her years she too had not forgotten the feeling you get the first time your artwork gets professionally made!

MYB Textiles have fabrics in the white house and in Stephen Spielberg films and they made me as welcome as you would expect in a Celtic nation, I am grateful.

Here is some madras lace I produced at MYB.

Here is a link to an article about Margo Graham and MYB.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Colour Wheel

This is the colour wheel, the colour is arranged in the order of the rainbow or natural spectrum. Colours next to each other go together restfully, colours at opposite sides make each other look brighter and are called complimentary colours. In the next photos I use the colour wheel to make combinations.

The Colour wheel.

Complimentary colours, across from each other on the colour wheel.

The colour next to the main colour on the colour wheel.

The colour next to the complementary colour.

The colour two away from the complimentary colour.

I hope this is helpful.
Very best, Kirsteen